As Lizzo says, "The juice ain't worth the squeeze, if the juice don't look like this." Now I may be partially biased because this is my own recipe, but this is my all time favorite green juice! It's filled with great nutrients to detox your gut, and leaves your body feeling fresh and better than ever. I give you; THE GREEN DREAM.

First things first. You need to make sure you have the proper kitchen equipment for juicing. When looking for a juicer, it is essential your juicer is a slow "masticating" type.

When using a masticating juicer (rather than a centrifugal juicer) the juice retains more of the important nutrients a.k.a all the good stuff to fuel your body. Let me break it down for you:

A masticating juicer....

+ Uses less heat during the process

+ Less heat means the juice doesn't oxidize (become chemically combined with oxygen) as quickly

+ Reduced oxidization better preserves all the good nutrients from the fruits, vegetables and/or herbs

Masticating juicer plus: It works best for extracting juice from leafy greens (ex. kale, spinach, mint) since leafy greens don't have a lot of juice to begin with.

Are you sold on a masticating juicer yet?! If so, below are a few I have found.

Types of Masticating/Slow Juicers

Name: Omega® J8006HDC Juicer

Price: $299.99

My thoughts: This is the juicer my mom has, and I absolutely LOVE using it. I definitely believe this one is the best on the market. It's all around a great juicer; however, it is a bit more expensive. I would suggest getting this one if you are very serious about juicing and will be juicing regularly.

Linked Here

Name: KitchenAid® Juicer and Sauce Attachment (Slow Juicer)

Price: $179.99

My thoughts: I think this attachment is a great way to start juicing, especially if you already have a KitchenAid mixer. This is the attachment I started out with. I think it is a good attachment; however, I don't like how pulpy my juice turns out, even with the low pulp blade. I have to run my juice through a strainer, where as the Omega juicer does a really great job at getting rid of most pulp without having to run my juice through a strainer. But overall, this is a good route to go if you are new to juicing and want to experiment.

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Name: Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Price: $139.99

My thoughts: This is a juicer I found on Amazon that has great reviews. I have not personally used this juicer; however, it looks like it is a great option to start juicing. It is also one of the cheapest options on the market for a masticating type. Plus, who else loves Amazon?! 2-day shipping, HELLO!

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Okay, now that you have a juicer, let's get to work! Below is my Green Dream Juice recipe:

***Makes about 10 serving sizes (10 cups)


6 - 8 Mini Cucumbers

6 - 8 Small Gala Apples (You can use whichever type of apples you prefer, I just love Galas)

2 Celery Hearts (Or about 15 - 20 stalks)

1 Pineapple (Cut)

4 - 6 oz. of Spinach (I use about 3/4 of the bag pictured below)

1 oz. of Mint

Note: I get all of my ingredients from Trader Joe's (I'm a little bit obsessed with TJ's). All my ingredients are organic.


1. Thoroughly clean all ingredients with water, and begin to cut them into quarter pieces. Cutting into quarter pieces will allow the vegetables and fruits to go down the juicer chute more easily.

2. Ensure all seeds of the apple are taken out, and pull apart mint leaves from their stem, disposing of the stems and seeds.

3. Turn your juicer on, and begin pushing all ingredients down the chute. I like to push down an even amount of certain ingredients at a time to create more of a consistent taste. (For example: Push down 4 apple pieces, then 3 cucumber pieces, 5 celery pieces, then a handful of spinach, a few pineapple pieces, and mint. Repeat this cycle over until all ingredients are juiced.

4. Halfway through juicing your container catching all the juice will get full. Simply stop the juicer machine, and pour your juice into a bigger pitcher and set aside. Turn the juicer back on, and begin juicing with your now empty juice container.

5. Once all ingredients are processed through your juicer machine, pour the final juice into the pitcher with your first round of juice. Take a spatula and stir the juice in the pitcher so all ingredients are mixed evenly.

6. Pour your pitcher of juice into individual mason jars, about 3/4 full each jar. Tip: If you find your juice to be a bit too pulpy for your liking, simply run your juice through a strainer as you pour the juice into each individual mason jar.

7. Fill the remaining 1/4 of the mason jar with filtered water. I complete this step to get more cups out of my juice; however, adding water is totally optional.

8. Close the tops on the mason jars, and store in your fridge. (Here are the 16 oz. wide mouth mason jars I use to store my juice)

7. Let the juice chill in the fridge and enjoy!!

Juicing Tips

+ If you have a hard time processing leafy greens/herbs down your chute, push down the leafy greens with a very juicy dense ingredient like an apple. The apple juice will help push down greens a lot easier.

+ If your juice has been sitting in the fridge, shake well before drinking. Some of the nutrients will sink towards the bottom, and that is completely normal. Shaking it up, will mix all those nutrients.

+ I usually drink my juice within 3 - 5 days. I wouldn't recommend leaving fresh juice in the fridge any longer.

Let me know if you make my Green Dream recipe! I'd love to hear how you like it! And that's the juice, sis! Bye-bye for now!

- xoxo ashley g.